Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Beatutiful Boy!

Well he finally arrived! Caleb James Dunstan was born at about 5.30am Monday 18th February 2008. I was meant to be induced at 4pm on Sunday but went into labour on my own at midday Sunday. After a 17 hour labour (4 hours of which a had a wonderful epidural) Caleb arrived with the aid of forceps (he decided to come out a bit wonky). He weighed 9lb 1oz (4.14kg) and was very long. He spent a bit of time with daddy having cuddles before he came to me.

He is now 4 weeks old and is doing really well. At night he usually has a feed at about 9pm and wakes for another feed between 3-5am (he is an angel). He is smiling at us all the time now and is able to hold his head up by himself. I can't believe
how quickly he is growing!

Well i have to go and feed him now so I will leave you with some pictures of him. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

We are finished

Well Nick and I have finished teaching for the year. We have awards night tonight, parent interviews tomorrow and staff breaky Thursday morning and that is it. I can't wait. Sleeping has started to become a bit difficult so I am looking forward to getting up later. We will be heading down to Sydney in just over a week so probably won't get on the net again after Thursday for a few weeks to update (only to check stuff).

Well here is a few photos taken over the last few weeks. Belly pic is about 2 weeks old.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

3 weeks to go

Only 31/2 weeks to go until i finish school. I love teaching year 7 but I am looking forward to having a holiday and visiting friends and family in Sydney. Not much is happening around here. I do get the day off tomorrow to have blood tests and a physio appointment at the hospital but that is about as exciting as it gets. Here is a new belly pic we took on Sunday. I have some bare belly ones but if you want to see them you will have to email me and let me know (I don't want bare belly pics of me on the net).

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

It's a Boy!

I am now almost 26 weeks pregnant with our little boy. He is really active and I definately think he will be a soccer player. I am feeling good but must admit that my back has been pretty sore so I have an appointment with the hospital physio soon and probably will have to get a belly belt thing (attractive). Nick is in the process of having his wisdom teeth emerge and therefore is a bit pained and tired. I told him that at least he will be able to identify with the baby when he gets his teeth.

Not a great deal has been going on with us. We have been doing stuff around the house and the garden on the weekends. House is looking good. If i had Nick's computer I would post some pics of it but I don't, so sorry! I will include a couple of photos which have our house in the background. Thought you may want to see my belly. These were taken about 3 weeks ago so they are a bit old (I have gotten a lot bigger since then).

Will try and take more photos this week and provided the net is working post them on Thursday. Bye, Bye!

Thursday, 6 September 2007


Sorry it has been so long since i posted. We have moved into our house and no longer have the internet and school has been so busy that i havn't had time. No photos today but i will try to post some in the near future.

The house is great have got fences, lawn, most of the blinds and we are spending every spare moment doing stuff around the house even though it dosen't feel like we are getting anywhere. My baby bump has had a growth spurt of late and i officially don't fit any of my normal clothes anymore. Im 17 weeks tomorrow and had a Dr's check up on Tuesday and got to hear bubba's heartbeat for the first time (very exciting). Nick is coming with me on Monday for my next one and hopefully he can hear it too. Hope to get my ultrasound on Wednesday week which i can't wait for.

Well we only have 8 days left of school for the term and then it is camp (yeah!. I honestly think that the Term 3 holidays are the ones that you need the most despite not actually getting a real holiday (at least it's a holiday from the kids).

Gotta go cos my computing lesson is about to end and I have to go and teach.

Monday, 6 August 2007


Well Nick and I have some news. We are expecting a little addition to our family in 6 months. I am 12 and 1/2 weeks pregnant and am due on the 15th August. It came as a surprise to us both but we are very excited about being a Mummy and Daddy. Had another doctors appointment today and was hoping to hear the heartbeat but unfortunatly couldn't find it. I did get to hear the sound of the 'placenta rush' (blood rushing throught the placenta) which was exciting and reasuring as it means that everything is going ok. She said in a few more weeks we should be able to find the heart rate. My blood pressure was a little on the high side so I have to go back on Monday to check that it has come back down (nothing to worry about though). Here is a photo of my belly at 12 weeks and Nick's baby buy.

In other exciting news Nick and I are picking up the keys for our new house on Wednesday. The house has gone up really quickly (picked land end of Jan and started building in April finished 4 months later). Will post some pics when we get in and have our stuff moved in. Carpet isn't going in till next Thursday but we will survive for a week without it.

Well it is past my bed time (didn't get home till 7.30) so I am off to sleep now.
Will try and post again soon.

Saturday, 28 July 2007


Canberra trip. Thank goodness i'm home, lot of sick people including me.